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"New River Train"
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NEW TRIP, Badgett Theatre, Grand Rivers, KY, Fri. & Sat., Dec. 4 & 5, $264,   tickets are still available  includes transportation, lodging at Patti's Inn & Suites, 2 meals, Dinner Fri. evening at Patti's 1880 restaurant with choice of one-inch pork chop, grilled chicken dinner or rib eye steak, salad, flowerpot bread, etc. & a hot breakfast Sat. AM at Patti's Inn & Suites lobby.  We will enjoy TWO great Christmas shows , "Down Home Country Christmas" & a "Variety Christmas" Branson style performance at the Badgett Theatre.  There are tickets still available so call Carolyn, 618-928-3282  to be sure you get a ticket.  We will pick up in Lawrenceville, Sumner, Olney, Flora, maybe other places.  More details soon and those details will include shopping somewhere!!!  Our return time to Lawrenceville will be some where around 5:00 PM.



Biltmore Estates", Asheville, NC, Mon.-Thurs. Nov. 16–19, $394 double occupancy, $484, single occupancy. Includes transportation, lodging, 6 meals, tour of the Biltmore decorated for Christmas & lots more.  

womanonphone.jpgI am call Carolyn, B-Jay Travel, 618-928-3282, NOW so I can go to visit the Biltmore Estates!!!! 

“New River Train”, Fri. Oct. 23–Tues. Oct. 27, $594, 5 days, 8 meals,

Huntington/Beckley, WV area.   Several cancellations/seats available. Includes transportation, 4 nights lodging, 3 night at the Hawk's Nest Lodge, 8 meals, shopping, admissions, New River Train Excursion, Hawk’s State Park, beautiful scenery, a tram ride, Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, “Tamarack”, scenic drives, and more!!!   Click on “New River Train”  on the left of this screen OR call Carolyn, 618-928-3282, NOW, please.


Grand Alaskan Tour & Cruise   Contact B-Jay Travel, Carolyn, 618-928-3282 or our Your Man Tours representative Tammy Lupman, 800-736-7300, ext. 23036  for details.  Or click on Alaska on the left of this screen, seat are filling up quickly!!!!  



PACK your bags past & future passengers. 


Some cancelations/seats available, “New River Train”, Fri. Oct. 23 – Tues. Oct 27, 5 days/4 night, Huntington, WV area, $594Click on "New River Train" on the left of the opening screen. 

A wonderful "day trip" with B-Jay Travel, 618-928-3282 

NEW TRIP, "White Christmas", Thurs. Nov. 19, Fox Theatre, St. L.,$104, show at 1:00.  Includes transportation, show, "picnic" lunch, & driver's tip. 


Click on "new 2015 trips" on the left of the openign screen to see the trips that are scheduled for 2015!!!!! 

Alaska .... We will be going to Alaska in 2016!!!!  WONDERFUL!!!!   Click on Alaska on the left of this screen. 


All trips pick up in Flora, Olney, Lawrenceville, & sometimes at other locations.


Reservations are available for all of these trips & the others.


We are excited that you are visiting B-Jay Travel’s web site. B-Jay Travel is here to provide unique trips for you, your family, & your friends.

On this site you'll find information about our trips, see some of the places we are going to or where we have been. We will tell you about all the trips that are available, where we will pick you up, where you will be going, what you will be seeing, and about any specials we are offering. We hope you will find all of the information that you are looking for about B-Jay Travel on this site.

Any question or to make reservations, Contact Carolyn Bennett-McDonald, 618-395-1270/877-395-1270

e-mail, b-jaytravel@hotmail.com


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