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Good evening to you folks,  need a name ... someone at our Passenger Appreciation event wrote on the slip "Where do you want to go in 2016" slip the following trips ---

Hawaii  (probably will go there in 2017 or 2018)

Maine (probably in 2017)

Rose Parade, Grand Canyon (doing it 2016-2017

New York City (going in 2016)

Chattanooga  (going in 2016)

Toyota  (going in 2016)

BUT, OOOPPPSSSS, there isn't a name on the paper.  So please get back to me & let me know "whose" name to put on the passenger list!!!   You may e-mail me,   b-jaytravel@hotmail.com   phone me, 618-928-3282, or text me, as soon as you can, please.  Thanks, Carolyn, B-Jay Travel   

Thank you, thank you to everyone who came this past Saturday for Customer Appreciation Day! Your attendance made it a success! Also, thank for all the nice compliments I received from many of you folks.  A big congratulations to the winners of the gift certificates and door prizes! Looking forward to seeing you all on future B-Jay Travel trips!  Here are a few photos from the event.    



The cake & cupcakes were delicious. 




A wonderful group of B-Jay Travelers, past, present, & future attended our "party"!!!! 

Listening to "Willie" .... we will be "on the road" soon!!!!!!!!! 




NEW DAY TRIP!!!!!   “Beehive, the Musical", Wed. March 9, Little Theatre on The Square, Sullivan, IL. $­­­­­99.  Includes transportation, show, lunch, & driver’s tip.  Beehive, the Musical" documents the dramatic changes that America underwent during the ‘60s, with wigs, costumes, cans of Aqua Net hairspray, etc.  The beehive was created, primarily to make a woman look taller, by a hairdresser in Elmhurst, IL. "Beehive" runs chronologically, from beehive hairdos and long skirts to free-flowing hair and hippie fashions.  A wild toe-tapping, head shakin’ musical tribute to the rockin’ women who made the music of the ‘60s so special, Janis Joplin, the Shirelles, the Supremes, Tina Turner & more.  It features such iconic tunes as "A Natural Woman", "I'm Sorry" “Judy’s Turn to Cry", "One Fine Day", etc.  "Beehive" will have you dancing in your seats.

womanonphone.jpgI am calling Carolyn, 618-928-3282, right now to sign up to go on their trips in 2016.

Rose Parade, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, etc., Dec. 30-Jan. 9, 11 days, click on Rose Parade, Grand Canyon Sunrise & Red Rocks Tour, Las Vegas, etc. on the left of this screen.


Florida Panhandle, Pensacola, FL/Mobile, AL


Regarding this trip: Due to not enough folks being interested in this trip it has been canceled for now --- we may re-book it at a later time. Sorry, Carolyn   



Chattanooga, TN, Tues.-Fri.  April 5-8, double occupancy, $664, single occupancy $843. Fliers available.  Click on Chattanooga  on the left of this screen.  

Azalea Festival, Norfolk VA, Wed.-Mon., Apr. 20-25, $769, 8 meals, Azalea parade, dinner cruise, Botanical Gardens, etc.  Fliers available.  Click on  Azalea Festival  on the left of this screen.  


Outer Banks, NC,  Mon.-Sat.  May 16-21, double $769   single  $999.  Fliers available.  Click on Outer Banks, NC on the left of this screen. 

Wisconsin Dells, WI, Mon. - Fri. June 13-17, double $699, single, $888.  Fliers available.   Click on Wisconsin Dells, WI on the left of this screen. 
New York City, NY, Thurs.-Wed., July 7-13, double $779, single  $1048.   Fliers available.  Click on New York City on the left of this screen.        

Branson, MO, Mon.-Fri., July 25-29, 5 days, $599, double occupancy, $718, single.  Fliers Available.   Click on Branson, MO on the left of this screen.        

Alaska trip, Aug 12-23, 2016 Alaska Tour/Norwegian Cruise, Fri., Aug. 12-Tues. Aug. 23, $3139, INCLUDES flight from St. Louis or you may get your own flight. "Your Man Tours" (YMT) is helping with this trip;  Tammy, 800-736-7300, ext. 23036 is our YMT contact person, their web site is:  www.ymtvacations.com   You may contact Tammy or me, 618-928-3282.  (also, Click on Alaska on the left of this screen.)

Yellowstone, WY/Mt. Rushmore, SD, Mon.-Thurs., Sept. 12-21, $1374, double occupancy, $1893, single.  Fliers available.       Click on Yellowstone/Mt. Rushmore on the left of this screen.  

New Orleans, LA, Sun. - Sat., Oct. 23-29, 7 days, $877, double occupancy, $1166, single. Swamp Tour, etc.  Fliers available.   Click on New Orleans on the left of this screen.  


Festival of Light, Wheeling, WV,  Mon.-Thus., Nov. 28-Dec. 1, Christmas Trip, double $555, single  $694.  Fliers available. Click on Festival of Light on the left of this screen.       


Click on "new 2016 trips" on the left of the opening screen to see the trips that are scheduled for 2016!!!!! 


All trips pick up in Flora, Olney, Lawrenceville, & sometimes at other locations.


Reservations are available for all of these trips & the others.


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 Cool I am calling B-Jay Travel NOW!!!! Cool